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  India has made rapid strides in agriculture and allied sectors after independence. From a net importer of food grains the Country has not only achieved food security through domestic production, even export of several commodities is being regularly u...
[Are Research Papers Reporting Results from Nutrigenetics Clinical Research a Potential Source of Biohype]
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  Nutrigenetics is a promising field, but the achievability of expected benefits is challenged by the methodological limitations that are associated with clinical research in that field. The mere existence of these limitations suggests that promises ab...
[Special Issue: Genetics and Athletics]
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  Recent Patents on DNA & Gene Sequences Volume 6 Issue 3 ISSN: 1872-2156 Editorial [Hot Topic Special Issue: Genetics and Athletics] pp.173-174 (2) Author: Dov Greenbaum
[Genetic Determinants of Athletic Performance]
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  Communication of propensity to a phenotype such as athletic performance is fraught with technical, legal (e.g., patents), social and ethical issues.
[From Sweaty Towels to Genetic Stats: Stalking Athletes for their Genetic Information]
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  With recent advances in genetics, sports fans may soon have access to a new category of statistics: genetic information. With patented correlations between genetics and athletics, and with the emergence of a growing and unregulated market in direct-t...
[Genetics & Sport: Bioethical Concerns]
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  This paper provides an overview of the ethical issues pertaining to the use of genetic insights and techniques in sport. Initially, it considers a range of scientific findings that have stimulated debate about the ethical issues associated with genet...
[Personal Genetics-Sports Utility Vehicle]
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  Personal genetic testing which is not strictly related to medicine or health is becoming more and more popular covering areas from ancestry, genealogy, nutrition & lifestyle and more recently sports and exercise. The reasons are compelling - if it we...
[Genetic Privacy in Sports: Clearing the Hurdles]
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  As genomic medicine continues to advance and inform clinical care, knowledge gained is likely to influence sports medicine and training practices. Susceptibility to injury, sudden cardiac failure, and other serious conditions may one day be tackled o...
[Predictive Genomics DNA Profiling for Athletic Performance]
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  Genes control biological processes such as muscle, cartilage and bone formation, muscle energy production and metabolism (mitochondriogenesis, lactic acid removal), blood and tissue oxygenation (erythropoiesis, angiogenesis, vasodilatation), all esse...
[Genetic Enhancement in Sport: Just Another Form of Doping]
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  Patented genetic technologies such as the ACTN3 genetic test are adding a new dimension to the types of performance enhancement available to elite athletes. Organized sports organizations and governments are seeking to prevent athletes' use of biomed...